HOTT MT – New Music

LA-based experimental pop duo HOTT MT released the video for “At Night in Chinatown” on March 22nd, 2017. The song is from their forthcoming new album AU (Alternate Universe,) out May 4th, 2017 with their own label Mutation Records. The video was shot at their own warehouse space in Los Angeles, Non Plus Ultra, which was recently shut down.

Artists Ashi and Spooki state that: “The new album is sonically influenced by medieval court music and fantasy soundtracks. It came together over a few difficult years, and expresses the challenges and victories of those times lyrically. Literature is always a big influence on our work, and is how the two of us met originally. While we were writing this album, we were heavily invested in re-reading Micheal Ende’s novel “The Never Ending Story”. We quickly became obsessed, and through our obsession discovered Ende’s family was connected to Rudolf Steiner and the Anthroposophy movement. Even though Ende didn’t consider the novel to be about Anthroposophy, we thought that the book beautifully and effortlessly displayed the idea that developing and truly knowing yourself leads to spiritual experience and fulfillment. In the same way, we decided that we wanted to make an album of self examination that was equally as fantastic and artful. Even though AU is a deeply personal album, it includes a wide cast of musicians on the recording. Times were rough all around, but we found so much comfort in our good friends. Similarly to Bastion (the main character in The Never Ending Story) we lost a lot over the years it took to write the album, but we came out of the experience knowing that our real relationships were far more valuable than anything else.”