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Hex Horizontal is an experimental, instrumental, noise-rock duo that formed in Los Angeles in the spring of 2012. Zach Lewis pulls ecstatic shrieks and gurgles from a cheap import guitar. Jeffrey Allen spasmodically bangs on a minimal drum kit that includes a defiantly large kick drum. Both members employ light-sensitive and potentiometer-controlled homemade oscillator units in their arsenal. 

Hex makes music that is bombastic, grating, and enveloping. Dynamics are emphasized as they explore reduction through softness and silence. Their expression uses angular rhythms to push the listener forward, making unapologetic stops, and spilling into areas of unsettling ambience. Appropriately, their crisis-inducing sonics are married to themes of bizarre behavior and existential wanting.

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The original concept of the group was to rely mainly on improvisation as inspiration for their activity. Lewis and Allen would hole up in their Burbank rehearsal space for hours at a time. They would simply play their impulses and create through reaction. The synergy was immediately apparent. Spontaneous starts and stops, in addition to abrupt changes in dynamic flow, seemed almost telepathically communicated. Luckily, the duo had the foresight to record these experiments. These early recordings spawned the concept of an all-improvisational, 4-part cassette series titled, Influx. This series has been the foundation for their partnership with LA-based label, Geweih Ritual Documents. After their first cassette (Influx I: Plastique) was released, Lewis and Allen ventured to Electrical Audio in Chicago to record an LP with Steve Albini. Geweih Ritual released Act Natural on white vinyl, appropriately on Black Friday 2014. Parallel to the Influx series, Act Natural is the product of improvisations that evolved into structured pieces.

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2015 will see several new releases from Hex Horizontal. The second Influx cassette (Influx II: The Isthmus) will be released by Geweih Ritual on June 30th. Next, they will pair up with brand new LA label, Claimed Responsibility, as part of the label’s upcoming 7-inch series. Hex will later enter the studio to record a split 10-inch with Brooklyn-based duo and Geweih label-mates, Neg-Fi. The concept of the 10-inch is to have each Geweih artist collaborate with outside musicians. Neg-Fi, an all-guitar duo, has enlisted Milena Milutinović (Repetitor) to play drums on their two tracks. Hex is bringing in avant-garde saxophonist Patrick Shiroishi (Corima, Upsilon Acrux) for one track; and guitarist Kyle Souza (Sons of the Bitch, All Leather, Stab City) and drummer Paul Carter (Prissy Whip, Slow Rose, Unctuous Rump) for the other.

Zach Lewis = guitars, oscillators
Jeffrey Allen = drums, more oscillators

Video: “Electric Fence”


Photo Credits: Olivia Hemaratanatorn AKA DontMeanMaybe
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