Here For The Night – New Music

Ashely Marra

“We are a band from Newark Delaware that loves music in general. Our influences include Paramore, Versaemerge, Fall out boy, Panic at the Disco and so on and so forth. We are always energetic about our music, hoping one day to share it with the rest of the world, so everyone can hear it and hopefully enjoy it with us! The genre that best describes us is maybe alternative/punk rock (or something along those lines). We just try to write and create what comes to mind. We are what our fans think we are. We try to bring a new kind of music to the stage (just like everyone else tries to), but hopefully we are the ones that are truly different and stick out. We just like, play for fun and meet people. We truthfully just want to have a great time doing what we love. We are Here For The Night” – Ashely Marra (Singer)


here for the night