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GWAR was originally formed on the East Coast of the US in the mid-1980s and has had changes in the line-up over the years. The band has many concert dates in the US through November of 2015. Prior to the 2015 tour, their latest album release was in 2013 titled Battle Maximus. One of the latest videos from GWAR (produced by Myke Chilian) is a one reel cartoon that released by Funny Or Die Cartoons around the time of Battle Maximus and can be found at

One of the latest additions to GWAR is vocalist (and bassist) Blothar, who has large antler-like horns and (or) utters/nipples/multiple penises that spray blood and liquid. Heavy riffs on guitar were coming from a Satyr-like figure – Balsac The Jaws and Pustulus Maximus. The bassist Beefcake The Mighty was throwing out some solid sounds and other-worldy vibes with his spiked headpiece on. GWAR also has a number of other members and on-stage performers that create an experience known as GWAR and a unique hard rock experience.

For some concert dates in October of 2015, GWAR was accompanied by the bands Valiant Bastards, Battlecross and Born Of Osiris.

Photos: GWAR @ The Roseland Theater on October 19th, 2015 (Credit: New Millennium Music)

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