GrooveShine – New Music


GrooveShine’s “New Moon” provides a snapshot of favorite tracks from live performances. The album features music from producer Mike McHugh with vocalists AJAO, Alla, Caleto, Karina, Michelle Williams, Mr Beenie and TStone. From Southern California, GrooveShine music combines funk, reggae, and hip hop rhythms with singer-songwriter acoustic grooves.

The 16 tracks on New Moon draw mainly from favorite live songs. Recording started in fall of 2015 after a long string of regular gigs in the Santa Barbara area. Most of the music was recorded and mixed at the GrooveShine studio, with drum tracks recorded at Playback in Santa Barbara.

Grooveshine 2

GrooveShine is as much about production as it is about live performance. A revolving cast of musicians and vocalists flow over beats created by Mchugh via looping and live instrumentation. Loop tracks often become the basic foundation for album versions of the songs. Loops are imported into editing software then songs are rebuilt to expand instrumentation while capturing the initial feeling of creation.

Since the beginning of 2016, producer Mike McHugh has been living in LA to pursue music placements in film and television. He has been steadily recording and building a library of instrumental music, and has another GrooveShine album currently in production. McHugh’s focus has shifted from live gigs to recording.

Mik Mc 2

Mike states that: “I love performing live but at the end of the show, all the efforts disappear into the ether. With recording there is a tangible result. Music placements provide an outlet for the creation.”

Collaboration: “Musical collaboration is like a conversation that you’re really into. It’s about love and exploration, like the first few months of a relationship before the ego gets involved.”

2016 News: “I moved to LA earlier this year to get more involved in music placements in film and television. I’ve been building a library of instrumentals and have been enjoying creating some new beats for future projects.”

Album: “The album Release party will be held at Whiskey Richards in Santa Barbara on July 8th, 2016 from 10 to 1. This is one of the first places that we played at, and it’s always a great time with our friends there. Many past and present GrooveShine players will be in the house for a reunion jam at midnight.”

The GrooveShine website offers free download of the new album at It can also be found on-line at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more. A free GrooveShine music app is available for Apple and Android devices.