Gregory Brock – New Music

Gregory Brock has had 2 top-20 Billboard chartings over the last 5 years. He is about to release another single off of my latest EP, Moonstone titled “Train to Nowhere”, which was released this year.

(Written by the artist)
The term “singer/songwriter” is thrown around so loosely today, that it has almost lost it’s meaning. Gregory Brock’s talent has earned him that title with a permanent place on the charts. His debut EP has already yielded 2 consecutive top 20 songs. “Rainbow In Your Eyes” reached #18 on Billboard’s “Hot Singles Sales” chart in June, 2010, alongside rock and roll legends The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Neil Young to name a few. His debut single “She” peaked on the same chart at #19 on 11/22/08, and #18 on Canada’s Top 20 singles on 12/01/08. He has traveled to Japan, Korea, Philippines and much of the U.S. performing his music. Some notable acts he has opened for are Tarralyn Ramsey, Blue Oyster Cult, Robin Trower, and The Bay City Rollers.

New Millennium Music Review: The light, clear and cutting vocals over the steady, smooth and rhythmic guitar parts creates a musical atmosphere which is very peaceful. It is great lounge music or just music that can inspire personal reflection. (New Millennium Music)