Froskull – New Music

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Previously named Stephen Rockford Hammond Band, Froskull is the new moniker for Hammond’s current lineup featuring Jason Schond, Brett Hammond, and Adam Dennis.

Born and raised in Nashville, Stephen grew up at the very intersection of American musical culture. The spell of Music City ascended nascent childhood interest to wizardry as a performer, composer, and producer. In 2008, Stephen released his first full-length album, Flux Punch, named for the dissolved band in which he wrote the material.

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Shortly after the album release, Stephen recruited bass guitarist Jason Schond and founded the Stephen Rockford Hammond Band. While the group began performing songs from the critically acclaimed Flux Punch, Stephen brought a new and even higher level of sophistication to his songwriting. His newer material subsequently transformed the band’s set lists into complex mosaics of electrifying fantasia.

In 2011, Stephen recruited his brother, guitarist Brett Hammond. Adam Dennis took over drums in 2012, and Stephen renamed the band Froskull.