Fassine – New Music

London trio Fassine released their debut album Dialectik in June of 2016, which features their debut single, “Sunshine” that came with three remixes from the likes of Jazzanova’s Alexander Barck & Comixxx, LA’s Thirftworks and Netherlands Julien Mier. Their 2nd single, “Kelby”, accompanied a video titled “Chase”, directed by Lily Baldwin and starring model Edie Charles. In early June of 2017, the band released the music video for “Gold”, from their album Gourami out July 28th, 2017.

About “Gold”, Notion says “Gold plays with the idea of the post-death condition and it’s tragic beauty, how this passing can be inviting and perfect. The video for the track is just as dramatic. Animated by James Gilleard, it shows the group, or at least a version of them, retreat to a mountain-top mansion where they’re joined by friends for some time off the grid, or so it seems. Things soon take a sinister turn, and the real reason for the group’s getaway becomes apparent. The video is just as cinematic as the track itself, so we won’t give away any spoilers.”