Eric Hedger


Interview with artist and producer Eric Hedger (aka Enfinite)

How did you get started with music and what projects have you produced?
“Back in 2007 my girlfriend bought me a music program called magix music maker. After installing it I knew right away I had an ear for composing music. I graduated to Native Instruments shortly after and began to produce my own music. At times I still refer back to magix music maker for ideas, or just simply to sample or chop up tracks.”

“I’ve produced a lot of music with my partner Ray”6 digits”Mendoza early on. My main focus was to produce him and sit back and help him grow. One of our first tracks was “sippin on something good” which we both would sing over and over til I found the right music for the track. He said to me that I should sing on the track, for the chorus. The song came out amazing and I began to find my voice. Songs like ” new rock, and the anthem” feat my good friend Tom”Jondoe?”McCauley, who is an amazing rapper. At the time he was the host for a local radio station out of San Luis Obispo. His show was called Milk Crates for Days and focused on local artists. Everything we produced together would play on that station. Last but not least I worked on a track with Jesse Rios called “Passion Over Crime” which I did vocals in.”

How the track and music video come together for “Never Get Enough”?
“Never get enough started when my friend and musician Seth Cowan sent me a track. The track was very funky and different than tracks I produced prior. After listening to it for hours I wrote the song in about ten minutes. The video came about by one of my good friends Ben Booker watching one of my low rate videos. He asked if I wanted to do a video with him for Never Get Enough and I said hell yeah. With Stefan Vino Figueroa’s vision as director the video came together.”

Where can your music be found?, the website has links to Soundcloud and Facebook. My songs can also be found on Reverbnation under the name Gruvehouse.”

What are a few of your favorite experiences and what would you like to have going on in the future?
“My favorite experiences are when your writing a song and you find that chorus and hook. Its the most exciting part of producing a song.”

“I have many projects with many artists Iam working on. I will be putting out our first album later this year called “My Resume” which will feature many artists and myself of course.”

What programs would you suggest for people that would like to learn how to produce music?
“Magix Music Maker is a great starter program that will help a beginning producer. Once they have basic knowledge of how to lay out a track, Native Instruments is the next step in producing.”

Where do you like to discover and listen to music on the Internet?
“Soundcloud, Reverbnation, and Facebook artist pages is a great way to discover new music. Spotify is a go to for me also.”

Is there any special thanks you would like to give?
Love to give special thanks to Brook Vartanian, Stephen Vartanian, Ray Mendoza, Tom McCauley, Jesse Rios, Seth Cowan, Ben Booker, Stefan Vino Figueroa, and Luke Hedger