Em & The Fates


Em & The Fates – New Music

Led by dynamic front woman Emily Kron, Em & The Fates is a Brooklyn-based septet whose rich three part harmonies and soul/pop arrangements hark back to an old school soundscape – glittering with nostalgia, yet anchored in lyrics evoking contemporary themes. The band is Em’s musical and creative brain child, for which she generates all original material. The Fates’ music is audacious, calling on the past in style and falling into the present in content, often subverting expectations of the two nestled side by side. The Fates have a live, big band, organic sound, with brushstrokes of Amy Winehouse and The Supremes and are often compared to fellow contemporaries, such as Lake Street Dive and Sister Sparrow.

Many of Em’s first batch of original tunes will appear on their upcoming self-titled EP: Em & The Fates. Em, Casey, Catherine (her backup singers) and creative producer Claire are women united by a strong identification with feminism, gender/race equality and other socio-political ideologies that have driven Em’s writing immensely. They are also blessed to be supported by a team of male instrumentalists who foster the creation of the music and its message.

Emily Kron on “Beautiful Life”:
“I wrote this song in a time when I needed a spiritual reminder – a reminder that we are made of love. I decided to shoot the video with this notion in mind, picturing my friends and family enjoying a beautiful spring day in Prospect Park during the height of the cherry blossoms. To me, the video captures the essence of celebration and joy that this song calls for, depicting people simply being. Breathing, being and showing gratitude for being alive.”

“This song is about the celebration of life and love. It’s about lifting each other up and carrying each other through difficult times. More importantly, it’s a song about connectedness, a reminder that we are all one. In a world where there’s a lot of pain, heartache and apparent separateness, this song reminds us of a force which is greater.”