Elliot Moss – New Music

Elliot Moss is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer from New York. His debut album Highspeeds was released in 2015, produced and mixed at his home studio in upstate New York. The music video “Without The Lights” was released on October 28th, 2016 and was part of Highspeeds. Moss states that “Without The Lights” is inspired by how “One person, or a singular experience, can alter how the rest of the world feels to us. This song, for me, is about being confronted with a reality wherein we are forced to see our circumstances for what they truly are”. The video was directed and choreographed by Phillip Chbeeb and follows his previous collaboration with Moss and the track “Slip”.

Chbeeb explains the idea behind his video: “Without The Lights is a harrowing vision of what abuse or inequality can do to a human being. Throughout the piece, motifs and images highlight the states of being a person goes through when trapped by domestic violence and sexual abuse.The female lead, Erica Klein, begins her journey of self discovery by staring in the mirror. She asks, “Who are you?” but she is still too “pure”, untouched and without answers. In the forest, she waits for an experience that will define her. Suddenly, darkness appears.Her first instinct is to flee, but manipulation, temptation, and deceit trap her within their grasp. Black paint begins to soak through her clothes; the blank canvas of her soul. Irreversible choices are made. She allows her self-worth to vanish; her identity crumbles. She resigns to being an object of sex, convinced that that is now her only purpose. She claws to escape her own body but it is now a shell, a prison without emotion. Abuse leaves her panicked to erase the past but she cannot ever change or reverse what has been done to her. In the end, she relinquishes control. She allows the pain to comfort and defeat her, accepting the tainted image of herself as truth. She, and millions like her, will never get the opportunity to give the world their true potential. Many leaders and pioneers in the making have had their futures stolen from then for the sake of satiating ego’s and sexual desires. Our brains have digested so much about inequality issues in the last decade but little has changed. It is up to art to teach the heart. Inequality affects us all in various capacities and only our heart’s ignorance can keep our world enslaved by it.”