Debbie Cochran


Debbie Cochran – New Music

Country singer Debbie Cochran released the official music video for “Born Again Wildflower”, featuring Dolly Parton, which is the title track from her album released on June 16th, 2017.

Open-Ended Things To Talk About

Debbie: “The memories of my Alabama gospel roots take me back to my grandmother as she placed my hands on the piano for the very first time, teaching me to play the C chord. At that moment, I knew I wanted more. Summer months were old time family gospel singings around the piano after church on Sundays. Singers, songwriters and storytellers were my first inspiration. I didn’t understand back then, why I felt so compelled to write lyrics down that came to me. Some of my inspiration comes from everyday people sharing their life stories. Some are heartbreaking and some will make you laugh out loud, which I love to do. My dream never let me be. Going through my grandmothers old Bible I found a letter. It was a handwritten letter written by my mother as a little girl to her grandmother at Christmas. Tears filled my eyes as I turned the page and there was a letter I wrote as a little girl to my grandmother at Christmas. In that letter I ask Grandpa, a carpenter, to build a playhouse. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes and my first song “The Movie in My Mind” is a story about those days. The lyrics and melody is the first song I presented to Kent Wells, Grammy Nominated Producer, in hopes to live my dream through someone else, maybe even Dolly Parton. In that meeting, his words of inspiration “It’s Never Too Late” is the title of the song, the first to have radio play and also, received a DisCovery Award from Robert K Oermann, a longtime contributor to MusicRow , respected music critic, author and historian.”

Meanings and Feelings in “Born Again Wildfower”:
Debbie: “Life gives you moments of joy and heartaches, love and loneliness, sunshine and rain. Through it all, God is my rock and rolling stone. For every skinned knee I’ve said a prayer. Letting go of the past is the beautiful process of forgiveness. Having faith and courage to step out of the boat and walk the talk, is the difference between a wild weed that withers and a wild flower that glitters. “Oh God You Rock My World, When I Rock My Boat”. That’s why I can dance in April Showers.”

Debbie: “Since 2009, we opened a small theatre “Simply Southern Play House” that welcomes local talent monthly for entertainment for our fans. I fell in love with a group of challenged adults, which attends. They arrive with hugs and baring hand drawn gifts, which I display on the walls. Since then, we have several local venues to offer local talent in different styles. I have performed locally to help raise money for special needs. One of our church members was seriously injured when someone crossed the centerline hitting him head on. He was delivering strawberries for valentines. I was heartbroken and began to write a song to express my emotions, “Soak up the Son”, which is included in the album “Born Again Wildflower”. When I’m in town, I also love playing my guitar on our church worship team.”

Creating your own music:
Debbie: “You are a one of a kind masterpiece. Be yourself and tell the story from your hearts point of view. Every step forward, even those that take a step backward is building your dream along the way. Every moment counts. Let your gumption fuel the ride.”

Special Thanks:
Debbie: “Many special thanks to Kent Wells for his exceptional creative input and inspiration. Imagine music heaven. That’s how I feel when I open the door to the KWP team. Kent and the studio band listen to the songs in my heart, embrace their instruments and make beautiful music. My “Bigger than Life” husband, Elmer, continues to encourage and inspire my journey. His determination and dedication keep me dream riding down
Music Highway.”

Debbie: “There are no words to truly describe working with the Legendary Dolly Parton. Her spirit, so uplifting, is a reflection of the light I love to sing and write about. Her beautiful vocals adds the glitter to “Born Again Wildflower”.