Damoiselle – New Music

European Pop artist Damoiselle released her debut single “Play” in the Spring of 2016, along with a video and more releases planned throughout the year. She states that “my voice is like a single instrument in the middle of an orchestra” and that there is an overall theme of “good versus evil”.



Where/when was the start of your musical influence in creating your own style?
Damoiselle: “Like so many kids, I think I was hyperactive, and my parents would play Queen CD’s which would make me motionless. Not from boredom, but from awe at the wonderful orchestrations. And of course, Freddie was beyond words. My style emanates from the desire to convey ideas, not just pretty notes. I am focused on revealing other sides of the human complexity other than the basic instincts. I want fans to not underestimate our potential and how majestic we can be.”

What were your highs while making music and performing?
Damoiselle: “The ‘highs’ is when someone says, “I like your new song” or “Your lyrics speak to me”.

Would you like to talk about “Play” and the meaning behind it?
Damoiselle: “I am trying to create a new genre called “Dual Pop” which means my lyrics can be interpreted in multiple ways. I put the lyrics out there and I expect people to read between the lines… to exercise their brains. Much like lyrics in the 1960’s. Like Jim Morrison’s. “Play” is the urge of humans to express themselves however they feel like doing so. It is the incentive to freedom , to liberate oneself from boundaries which the corporatists place on us. And it is an invitation to be in my world. What I mean by ‘my world’ is a perfect world where we are free to express dualism, as we did when we were children. Children first interact with other kids by starting to play together. And it means continuation and motion. The corporate world wants us roboticized into mindless consumers who work all day and limit our interactions to tweets and posting about their products. I feel I am part of a new rebellion.”

What else do you have going on in the future and what would you like to have going on in the future?
Damoiselle: “I plan to open the gates to Imagination Land, and evolve with my fans as we create new music literally together. Song suggestions, titles, lyrics…fans will soon have the forum to give input and 2-way interaction at my social sites, to spawn new songs and ideas.”

What has helped you in terms of staying focused and evolving creatively?
Damoiselle: “A lot of prayer.”

Where do you like to discover and experience music?
Damoiselle: “Music is already everywhere. Beautiful sounds and harmonies and all around. OK, that sounds a little hippie-ish, but it is true. Great music is in symphony concerts, cartoons, and outside on the streets.”

Where have you traveled recently and where are you going next?
Damoiselle: “I travel in a lot places in my dreams. The brain is the greatest compiler and the places it can create are stupendous.”

Are there any values/beliefs that you want to disclose?
Damoiselle: “Yes. I am planning to reveal them in my songs and videos. But as a preview, I want to motivate fans to being more than being consumers and ‘good workers’, and judging themselves by the approval of others. Every individual has more potential than that, and I believe there is a rebellion taking place in music to open eyes and minds. I plan to be in the forefront of that rebellion.”

Are there any additional thanks you would like to give?
Damoiselle: “Yes. To that sweet fellow, God :)”