Colorful Rhythm – New Music

Information about Colorful Rhythm:

Colorful Rhythm is a US based band founded by composer/pianist/producer Tsai-yun (Judy) Huang in 2012. Born in Taiwan, Tsai-yun Huang is a classically trained musician. She came to the US in 2002 to study music in Illinois and since then she has been involved in classical contemporary music. Her instrumental classical-contemporary music has been performed at concert halls internationally. Her new trajectory detours from her formal academic training to seek for a different sort of playfulness and amusement from recording, performing and composing. Colorful Rhythm has been performing as a two-piece band at many Chicago music venues. Colorful Rhythm’s music has been described as “Imaginative surreal synergy of instrumental and vocal music, with an enchanting mix of influences”. Newest CD will be released on Nova Sun Records in March 2013.