Cigarettes After Sex – New Music

Cigarettes After Sex is led by frontman Greg Gonzalez and their debut EP ‘I.‘ was released in 2012. The band released the single “Apocalypse” from their self-titled album on March 20th, 2017. To mirror their romanticism in music, Gonzalez rejected conventional studio routes for his band, which includes Randy Miller on bass, Jacob Tomsky on drums and Tubbs on keyboards. Cigarettes After Sex recorded most of the album in three days at the Sweatshop rehearsal space, Bushwick. The exception is “Each Time You Fall in Love”, which was recorded in the Beekman’s stairway after hours. As Greg explains, “This is like the novel or feature-length version of Cigarettes. I wanted it to feel like a complete work, where some of the imagery repeats – like it’s all in the same world. It’s very much a fulfillment of the feelings in the short works.”