Chris Ramos


Chris Ramos – New Music

After a collaboration “This Is Love” with Tritonal and Shanahan in early 2016, Toronto based DJ/Producer Chris Ramos released the track “4U”, which is part of the three track Emotions EP.

Chris Ramos: “What I’m most excited about right now is releasing my Emotions EP and also the release of the Emotions Podcast. After my collaboration “This Is Love” with Tritonal and Shanahan, I decided it’s time to take a step forward with my music, visuals, and truly represent myself as an artist. Tritonal’s work ethic and knowledge inspired me to rise up. Through this, I developed the official Diamond Heart, finished my Emotions EP and created the Emotions Podcast to finally release to the world. It has been a long journey, teaching myself advanced graphics/animation techniques over the course of two years to put my vision together. I’m beyond happy with the results, and it’s only the beginning.

The Emotions EP is a culmination of countless hours, blood, sweat, tears and of course emotions that I’ve gone through in my development over the past years. Balancing on a tightrope between major and minor keys, I designed Emotions to jump between progressions without hesitation, all while building infectious melodies and engaging vocals.

We can’t deny that music speaks to our inner selves, to our hearts. Just like a diamond, it’s a bond that has and will continue to stand the test of time. The “Diamond Heart” is my vision of the unbreakable connection between music and our emotions. The Emotions Podcast builds off this concept, and will be my platform to showcase music that I think inspires a feeling and deep connection with our emotions together with engaging and reactive visuals. This is only the first version, so expect the diamond heart experience to continue growing and evolving.

What’s next? I’m teaming up with some amazing artists from all corners of the world to create new music, as well as developing a follow-up EP inspired by past relationships. It’s deep, progressive, and continues the theme of provoking emotions inside all of us. I’m also planning to come out of the studio and jump back into the live scene. So promoters and agents… let’s do this!

I want to send special thanks to Jake Shanahan (Shanahan) for his invaluable friendship. He is beyond talented and I couldn’t have elevated myself as an artist without his indispensable knowledge and work ethic.”