So-Cal Rocket Dynamics – Album & Videos

Southern California based band So-Cal Rocket Dynamics independently released the 16-track album Antisocialite on March 13th, 2017. The album was produced and engineered by Matt Thorne at MT Studios in Burbank, California. The band is Matt Britton (guitars), Robert Coddington (upright bass), Rich Contadino (lead vocals) and Mark Powell (drums).

They band released the music video “They Have It Coming” in March of 2017, the album’s lead single written about the Clint Eastwood film Unforgiven. The band also released the video for “Just Like Evel Knievel” on March 27th. Additional inspirations for songs include: “Too Bad She Won’t Live” (based off the film Blade Runner), “Baby Just Go” (based on a beautiful female outlaw), “Right To Let Me Go” (nostalgia for an old relationship), “Forgive Me” (a gunslinger’s longing for a more normal life), and “Rocket Girl” (Sci-Fi space opera).

Quotes about the album:

Matt: “We kind of established a sound for the band on our last album, and a few of the new album’s songs continue with that sound, but for the most part we were trying to expand upon it. We really wanted this album to feel like it picked up from where we left off and went further both lyrically and sonically. The last record was almost entirely made up of songs we’d played live, so by the time we took them into the studio they were all very comprehensively worked out. But as we recorded the last album, I really came to realize that our Producer, Matt Thorne, was able to guide my playing and musical choices to better places than I could ever do on my own. As a result, though we still recorded multi-track demos for everything on Antisocialite, we came into this record with far less rigidity about every track and gave Matt Thorne a much bigger influence over the whole thing. As a result, the album is more varied and less predictable, which is what we were hoping for. Pretty early in the songwriting process, we decided this one would be sixteen songs, all around three minutes or less. It kind of put some goals and discipline around the project which we drove toward until we were finished. We wanted songs which got to the point quickly, and an album which felt like a big opus, an album with some real effort behind it.”

Album: Antisocialite