Album releases: Buffalo Stack – self titled album released September of 2014

Interview With Andy Of Buffalo Stack

NMM: What are the names of people involved with the musical project? How long?

Andy: “The band is 1 year old, brand new, everyone has been involved since the beginning.”

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Andy Stack- Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting
Tania Elizabeth Stack- Fiddle, acoustic guitar, strings, percussion, graphic design.
Brandon Morrison- Bass, vocals, audio engineering
Lee Falco- Drums, Vocals
Jeremy Baum- Hammond Organ, piano, keys
Connor Kennedy- special guest, vocals, keys, guitars.

NMM: What was the start of your musical influence, songwriting, producing, etc.?

Andy: “I’ve been playing music most of my life. I started on drums at age 9, and immediately felt like music was absolutely it for me. I switched to guitar in 8th grade and went on to have my own rock band in high school. I got super into blues and jazz, and left home for NYC to study music seriously. Since then, I’ve cut my teeth in about every imaginable musical setting around the country; in Europe, Canada, and many other places.”

NMM: How did the current band meet? How did the music get produced?

Andy: “We met at Levon Helm’s barn last summer at one of the legendary Midnight Rambles that his daughter Amy has taken over. We heard this young band absolutely rocking, playing their own tunes, and an incredible cover of “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”. I had been writing a lot in hopes of doing a new project with the name Buffalo Stack in mind. I approached the guys about coming by our house to try some stuff out, and we hit it off immediately. We wanted to collaborate with them, because we felt that had more going on than players twice and three times their age in NYC, where we moved from. We just relocated to the Hudson Valley area. The Hudson Valley has such an inspiring scene happening lately.”

NMM: How did the video get produced?

Andy: “Michael Batchelor produced the video. He has an awesome series of music videos he produces for indie artists under the name Kettle Pot Tracks. We had done some work with him as “The Stacks” (Our previous duo act) and thought of him when it was time to create something for Buffalo Stack.”

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NMM: What kind of travels have you had? What do you have lined up for the future?

Andy: “We are going to play in St. Barths at a jazz club called Baz Bar in December; and then in January, Tania and I are going to visit her parents on vacation in Hawaii, so we have an awesome winter to look forward to.”

“In the past we’ve all traveled a lot, mostly on tours. I spent a lot of time in Europe on tour with NY Ska Jazz ensemble. When not touring, I’ve taken camping trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains by myself to camp and write music by a fire. It’s a little crazy, and lonesome, but worth it.”

NMM: What kind of activities are you into?

Andy: “We both (Andy & Tania) really like yoga and spiritually minded books. We love documentaries. I love riding my bike, and stopping to see friends and get coffee. Soccer, ping-pong and swimming are some other interests. Our keyboard player Jeremy has a sail boat on the Hudson River that we go out in sometimes, that’s liberating!”

NMM: What were the your/band’s highs? What were the lows (if applicable)?

Andy: “We are a new band, but I’ll give you an example of a high and low experience.”

“Last night, we had our Hudson Valley CD release show at the Falcon in Marlboro, NY. It was packed. People we’ve met over the past year came out and showed incredible love and support. The band played great, the sound and lights were perfect. Everyone had an amazing time. We sold a bunch of CDs. Folks left inspired and happy. What a time. That’s been the highlight of our year long effort.”

“A low may have been when we played the same venue a couple months ago to crickets. That can put you in your head wondering what the hell you are doing with your life, lol.”

NMM: Are there any music videos being worked on?

Andy: “Michael Batchelor is working on another video for us for the song “Gold or Lead””

NMM: What else does the artist/band have going on in the future?

Andy: “The rest of 2014 is packed with shows in Upstate NY, NYC, Boston, Philly, New Jersey, and St. Barths. We want to really work this record for the rest of the year, and then start getting creative on a new record next year. That will be a great challenge, and great fun too.”

NMM: What would you/the band like to have going on in the future?

Andy: “Right now we have aims on opening for a bigger national act. We’d like to get out for a month or two and see the country from the perspective of Buffalo Stack.
I’ve never toured extensively as a leader, only as a sideman, so I can’t wait for the experience of a sustained run and playing in front of crowds every night.”

NMM: Are there any values or beliefs that you or the band wants to disclose?

Andy: “Brotherly Love. Peace. Persistence.”


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