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Bio: The band maintained a busy schedule of shows from 2012-2013 in Illinois up until they finished working with Avery Recording Studios to release their first original 6 song EP. The approach through the writing process has come naturally with Brock Jones expressing his past experiences and country music roots through his acoustic guitar and catchy vocal melodies. A mix of vocal harmonies, as well as southern rock and jam-style instrumentation by Yost, Erickson, Orrill, Halbrook, Boyer, and Larsen have only elevated the stories told about long nights of drinking, family traditions, and a small town in central Illinois. The band released the single “18” in October of 2014 and the music video in 2015. (

Video: “18”

Album: Broseph E. Lee (2013)


Single: “18” (Released October 2014)


Photo: Broseph E. Lee (Credit: Broseph E. Lee)
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