Broke Royals


Broke Royals – New Music

Broke Royals is the team of producer Colin Cross and vocalist Philip Basnight. Since their formation in 2014, the band has performed countless shows and released 3 EPs. In 2017, Broke Royals returned from the studio for a fourth time with a full-length album. For their self-titled debut, Broke Royals buried themselves in the mountains of New York with producer John Naclerio at his famed Nada Recording Studio to capture the dynamic evolution of three years of musicianship. About the song “Higher”, the band says “The original demo for the song only had an acoustic guitar, vocals and drum loop (which is the first thing heard on the track). The tempo of the song is common for both rock and hip hop so we started to layer in elements of hip-hop and electronic music into the production. The new digital elements made the song truly unique. Once we had all that the electric guitar and bass came together very naturally. It was a blast to see it all come together.”