Bobby Billz – Hip Hop

B Billz side photo

Bobby Billz is a Puerto Rican American hip hop artist born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He began songwriting at the age of 15 as a hobby. Never taking the game seriously until the age of 22, Billz began recording at several studios before obtaining his own personal equipment. He began recording with fellow artist “Yeah Yams”(now deceased) and numerous other team players. He is currently a member of the “Splash Boiz” collective and continues to drop fresh new music for the audience that appreciates true songwriting skills. Bobby Billz is very particular about his production and beat selection, setting the bar high.

Bobby Billz: “So Focused is a song produced by Sarah J, written by Bobby Billz and mixed and mastered at BullCity Sound Studios located in Durham, NC. It is the theme of the newly released mixtape with the same title. “So Focused” is an inspirational song created to express determination in the belief that hard work will pay off in the long run.”


B Billz