Blood Youth – New Music

UK hard rock band Blood Youth released the music video “Reason To Stay” from the album Beyond Repair, due out on April 7th, 2017 with Rude Records. The album Beyond Repair follows the EPs Inside My Head and Closure.

Speaking about the track, vocalist Kaya Tarsus explains: “Reason to Stay is about wanting to detach yourself from a very emotionally attached person. That feeling when you can’t end a relationship because you’re not sure what it would do to that other person, the resentment you naturally feel towards them eventually forces you to leave. We wanted the Reason to Stay video to show what a relationship like this is like, two people feeling like they are emotionally tied together, a battle of many different thoughts and feelings that eventually leads to somebody being left behind. We created it all with Zak Pinchin who has worked with us on every BY video so far!”