Blonde Roses – New Music

Louisiana based group Blonde Roses released the video for their debut single “Bullet” in late summer of 2016, filmed in the heart of Lafayette, Louisiana. The band is Molly Portier, Harold Rosenberg, Albert Moliere and Anthony Mikhael.

Interview with Molly Portier:

How did members of the band come together? What made things stick and evolve personally and musically? “All of us have been really good friends for years now, so it felt really natural for us to to come together. There’s a level of respect and understanding between each of us. We’re more than just a band, we’re a family. I really couldn’t imagine playing music without these guys.”

What has been an underlying theme for the EP and the single “Bullet”? “The material on our upcoming EP speaks a lot to finding strength in tough times and moving forward stronger than before. It’s about finding yourself and paving your own path.”

What does the band have going on in late 2016 and the following year? What would you like to have going on? “We are currently working on finishing up the EP and plan to release it early 2017. We plan to get back on the road, something we haven’t done in a while, and continue to push our music. But, most importantly, when we tour we get to meet you guys. We get to make new friends and see old ones. We have the opportunity to create a community of amazing people.”

Is there any special thanks that you would like to give as far as help with recording(s) and and anything else? “Our music wouldn’t be what it is today without our visionary producer Ben Lorio at The Music Shed. He has the magic touch that turns our little demos into full blown productions. Also, huge shout out to the director of our latest music video for ‘Bullet’ John Paul Summers at Infinite Focus. He brought that song to life. John and his crew were so incredible to work with.”

Where have you and others been discovering new music and what organizations have promoted Blonde Roses’ new music? “I’ve been finding a lot of new music on Soundcloud lately, a website I’ve only really recently started getting into. There are so many independent, talented artists out there. You can find our music on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora etc. Find us on our socials so we can be friends!”

What would you like to say to fans and anyone that would like to create their own music? “I think, to put it simply, it’s most important to keep trying and not give up. Not everyone is going to like what you do and pursuing music is definitely no easy task. Don’t let negativity deter you from doing what you love. Strive to be your best and always continue to push yourself out of your comfort zone. At the end of the day, if you’re fulfilled and happy doing what you love, you’re already successful.”