Beta Days – New Music

Beta Days is the one-man project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bill Bierce. The project evolved from Bierce’s late night writing sessions that would start around 3 AM, as it was the only time neighboring bands at his practice space weren’t around to drown him out. Beta Days released “This Art Ain’t Mine”, from the upcoming debut album, S.T.T., with his friend Andrew Grant (H. Stone) who provided emotional support during Bierce’s many breakdowns. S.T.T. (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday – an acronym for the days of the week they would record) was recorded throughout 2015 in Grant’s private studio in Rhode Island.

Bill Bierce in reference to how the band got started: “As far as the band goes they’re all just friends I assembled to play the songs live once I’d completed the album. Keith was the singer of The Wandas so that’s where I know him from. Luke (guitar) fronts a Boston band called Left Hand Does and has for years. I know him from playing shows together with the Wandas. Nate the drummer I actually found in a really old school way. I walked into the bar near my house in Bristol one night during the time I was mixing the album and his band was playing. I was really impressed with his playing so I just walked up to him during a break in their set and asked if he’d listen to the songs and consider playing drums. I think thats how you found band mates back in the day.. just go to shows and poach other bands’ musicians.”

Bill talking about the making of upcoming full-length album S.T.T.: “S.T.T. (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday – an acronym for the days of the week they would record) The acronym to me represents the memory of recording the album. It makes me remember that time period and what my day to day life was like. The first single is “This Art Ain’t Mine” and its loosely about what was on my mind when starting this project and its kind of like the theme song for the rest of the album. Some people love the comfort of having a secure spot at a company they didn’t start, or playing in a band they don’t write the songs for, but others have to be doing their own thing. I’m in the second category, but I don’t know that it necessarily leads to a happier life.”

Production: “I tuned the snare drum for what seamed like hours trying to get it to sound huge, ultimately never really being happy with the tone. But Andrew thought it sounded excellent. This recording is also kind of interesting because I made 3-4 different demos of this track before we went to properly record it and theres remnants of every iteration in there. So some of the sounds had been hastily recorded 2-3 years beforehand, while others were added in during mixing. It’s a hodge-podge spanning 3 or so years.”

I wash my face, I turn the key
the ride is warm and worry free
trophies in the den laid carefully
up all night with season three
cold spell blues and colder days
nights with those I’ll never see or meet
am I stuck or free?

is it alright?
is it ok?
this art ain’t mine, is it alright?
is it okay?

did I find the weekend
when’ll it be, as Sunday turns to dawn
minutes before luminaries meet
mislaid men who found safety
leaders floating lost downstream
I’ll keep every night free
to hang in with somebody’s dream

is it alright?
is it ok?
this art ain’t mine, is it alright?
is it okay?

picture stars, an honest touch
a private path, would it be enough?
locked inside, tunnel vision sights

try to see beyond somebody else’s dream
it’s so free to be in somebody else’s dream