Bat House – New Music

Boston-based rock quartet Bat House released the track “Chemical X” from their self-titled album due out 4/14/2017. The band recorded the self-produced LP at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studio in downtown Boston. The group rooted themselves in a house deemed the “Banana Hammock”, where they recorded their first EP, ghosts, and parts of their 2017 release. During the two years spent in the house, the band established a sense of community in the DIY scene by hosting basement shows for nationally touring bands.

“Chemical X” lyrics

My lungs trapped in bars
My arms chained to hands
Myself aligned with my spine
My head drowned in clouds

What now?

And she lets me know where my soul leads
And I let her know when my heart bleeds
What has changed so far was nothing we deserved
What will come along will surely be unsure

I feel
Feel it come
It burns like blood
It’s love
It’s here
From home
Up above
I want
You now