Across The Atlantic


Hard rock band Across The Atlantic will have their label debut with SharpTone, Works Of Progress, on September 1st, 2017. The music video for “24 Hours” was released in May of 2017 and the video “Playing For Keeps” released in July. About the new music, the band says “‘Playing for Keeps’ is the stepping stone connecting our last album Holding On To What We Know to Works of Progress. It’s an ode to the amazing journey we’ve traveled as an independent band over the last five years but also about now looking forward to our future. For a long time, we thought we would never catch our break. Investing everything into something that doesn’t immediately perform as you would like it to is one of the biggest gut checks life can give you. ‘Playing for Keeps’ is the embodiment of moving forward in honor of the things you love, despite of what critics, naysayers, or anyone else might think. Through it, we’ve learned that if you believe and stay the course…good things will come. It’s only a matter of when.”